Image of Grace


Image of Grace

Greenwood’s latest will have readers wide-eyed in anticipation and near-horror after reading the opening chapter, as they wonder how in the world a father can possibly consider shooting his own son. The multiple perspectives allow us to gain an insight into how the characters view one another. This novel will keep readers rapt until the very end as Greenwood circles back to the opening scene with Kurt and Trevor standing in the snowy field. Shocking and honest, you’re likely to never forget this book.

Opening on a snowy, December evening in the town of Two Rivers, Vt., a father nudges his 13-year-old son along in a deserted pasture using the butt of his rifle. Pleading for his life, Trevor fears his impending death at the hands of his father, Kurt, who believes him to be a monster. Before anything can happen, readers are thrust back to the previous spring to learn how Kurt and Trevor got to this point — and to learn about the other members of the family. Kurt’s wife and Trevor’s mother, Elsbeth, steals from the local Walgreens and dotes on her angelic 5-year-old daughter, Gracy. Meanwhile, Trevor buries himself in art and photography to hide from bullies who constantly torment him, and Kurt struggles to make ends meet while also caring for his trash-hoarding elderly father. Lastly, we have Crystal, a teenage girl who has regretfully given her newborn daughter up for adoption. When these characters finally confront their problems, the result is both heartbreaking and revelatory. (KENSINGTON, Apr., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun