Welcome back to the island of Heavenly Daze, where the warm summer nights have stretched into autumn. This Thanksgiving, the residents have much to be thankful for. Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt have teamed up to produce another tenderhearted yarn just as inviting as the first book. Youll taste the salt-sea air and yearn for molasses cookies and friends just like these good folk.

When an unusual letter arrives addressed to an Angel at general delivery, Heavenly Daze, postmistress Beatrice Coughlin quickly shares the contents with her sister Birdie Wester and they embark on a plan to help. Until members of the community get wind of it. Next thing you know, poor Birdie is having nightmares over the whole situation.

Meanwhile, several other residents have troubles of their own. Young Georgie Graham could very well be the next Picasso, if a visiting art dealer has anything to do with it. Amidst Grahams financial struggle, Charles works constantly to pen the Great American Novel. And there appears to be some confusion surrounding Salt Gribbons ability to read.

Theres no doubt about iteach time you pick up the books in this series, youll feel like youre coming home. (Jun., 240 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston