Image of By Grace Possessed (Three Graces)


Image of By Grace Possessed (Three Graces)

With the second Three Graces novel, Blake draws readers into a tale of attempted murder, insurrection against the king and a high romance with her meticulous research into the period. She builds a strong background, creates three-dimensional characters and weaves sexual tension into a lively love story.

The second of the sisters known as the Three Graces of Graydon, Lady Catherine Milton, has no desire to marry. But the king decrees that she and Ross Dunbar become betrothed. Ross is pledged as hostage to the king to keep his father from raiding his British neighbors. He puts no stock in the family curse that the men who marry Catherine and her sisters must love them or die. When he saves Catherine from the unwanted advances of his enemy, Ross is seriously wounded. The king gives Ross the choice of staying in the Tower or marrying Catherine; he wisely decides to wed. Treason and rebellion rear their heads and Ross fights to protect the king, but also to save Catherine, who has become the love of his life. (MIRA, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond