The lush town of St. Camille, Louisiana, hides a secret that could prove deadly for Grace Beaumont. The accident that killed her husband, father and unborn child has tormented her for years. But when Grace learns that it may have been murder and not a senseless tragedy, she draws on her inner strength and hires a private investigator to find out the truth.

Jed Tyree left Louisiana over a decade ago. His life there had not been happy, and his association with his uncle, a mafia crime boss, tainted his own self-respect. When his time-occupying job as a security guard takes him to St. Camille, the beautiful and innocently seductive widow he's sworn to protect makes him regret he has so little time for romance.

Grace tries convincing herself Jed is nothing more than a hired hand whose job is to protect her and find evidence to use convict her family's killer in court. However, when the killer leaves his calling card, she turns to Jed for comfort, and the humidity of a Southern night is nothing compared to their shared passion. Readers will be fascinated from the first line of Barton's latest romance. The scene in which Jed tells Grace he loves her is tear-inducing, and the suspenseful climax will have readers rapidly turning the pages. (Aug., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith