In a time of mist and magic, there are those who follow the old ways ... and one who draws upon the deep magic to bring a storm of darkness to the world. Only a very few can stop the coming devastation.

Since guilt over his wife's death left him bereft, Owein lives in a reclusive life of darkness with only his vision to bring light. When his vision of a beautiful Roman woman comes to life, he is caught between his need for redemption and desire.

Clara requires Owein to reclaim the grail, a Druid cup powerful enough to cure her father's illness. Though reluctant, he agrees to her request.

The trail they follow winds through Roman and Celtic Britain leading them further and further into a web of deceit and dark magic beyond their imagination. As those of Avalon must fight the forces of evil, Roman and Druid must join forces or see their worlds shattered.

Not since Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy has the magic of Avalon flowed as lyrically off the pages. Nash captures the myths of the Druids in a fresh, exciting approach delivering a tale that grabs hold of your heart and reaches deep into your soul bringing forth joy and a belief in the old ways bound with the new. SENSUAL (Aug., 326 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin