Image of Grave Dance (Alex Craft)


Image of Grave Dance (Alex Craft)

The second Alex Craft novel has the heroine once again caught up in a bizarre murder, as well as in an unusual romantic triangle. Revelations about Alex’s parentage have taken this intriguing series into the convoluted world of the Fae. Price does an excellent job of keeping the story zipping along while continuing to develop her characters.

Since her deadly fight with a sorcerer, Alex has been developing her powers and dealing with the discovery of her Fae blood. Her love life appears to be in limbo, as sexy Fae FIB (Fae Investigation Bureau) agent Falin Andrews is absent, so too is the Reaper, who Alex calls Death. Alex, a witch who can see the dead, is called in a new case. Then there are the attacks by creatures that appear to have magical constructs made from stolen souls. After Alex dissembles the creatures using her “Planeweaver” ability, she becomes a hot property with several groups after her, including the powerful Winter Queen. With her friends’ lives in jeopardy, Alex is in a very difficult place. (ROC, Jul., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith