Crime writer Molly Blume is preparing for her wedding to Orthodox rabbi Zack when detective pal Andy Connors drops a bomb. A locket belonging to Molly's friend Aggie, who was murdered six years ago, was found in the possession of a man who died recently. The dead man is Randy, a handyman at the shelter where Aggie worked. Connors always suspected he might have killed Aggie.

At first Molly is glad he's dead. But as she learns more she thinks Randy may have been innocent. Questioning the other employees, Molly thinks the answer lies with something that happened there. The cops just want to close the case, but Molly has convinced Connors that something is not quite right.

Molly, who's making her third appearance, has a lot in common with Krich's other series character, L.A. police detective Jessie Drake. Both are strong, resourceful women, loyal to friends and family and dedicated to righting wrongs. Molly and her family come alive on these pages and the insights into her Jewish heritage and values are fascinating. It's nice to learn something while being entertained with great writing. (Oct., 365 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lorraine Gelly