Image of Grave Illusions: Jess Vandermire, Vampire Hunter, Book 1


Image of Grave Illusions: Jess Vandermire, Vampire Hunter, Book 1

This novel has all the earmarks of an excellent vampire romance -- adventure, suspense, the battle between good
and evil -- but it doesn't live up to its potential. The characters don't grab the reader, the early dialogue is overdone -- though it does smooth out -- and a potentially great plot is hindered by dialogue and timing. Though this is a book that can be put down, it's also one that readers will eventually want to pick back up and finish.

For 50 years Jess Vandermire has been a vampire with a soul who must fight her brutal, soulless brethren. Her job becomes increa singly difficult when the vampires begin to organize, possibly under one ancient, genetically altered and nearly indestructible vampire.

John Brittain was kicked off the police force for killing his partner. When he's asked to join Jess' fight he's skeptical, but when he finds out the vamps' interest in him may be linked to his partner's death, he jumps on board, determined to find out the truth. Britt and Jess, loners both, find themselves fighting on another level. The attraction between them is confusing and intense. Can a human love a vampire, knowing what she is? (ImaJinn, Apr., 204 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Aisha Cargile