Image of Grave Memory (Alex Craft)


Image of Grave Memory (Alex Craft)

The third chapter in the Alex Craft, Grave Witch series explores a truly puzzling set of deaths that are not what they appear. In addition to penning an intriguing who- and how “dun-it,” Price continues the evolution of her heroine, whose hereditary powers come with significant complications and costs. This continues to be a truly original and compelling UF series.

Life for grave witch Alex is extremely thorny, both professionally and personally. Her involvement in several previous cases has made her persona non grata with the Nekros City police, so Alex and her rescued friend Rianna McBride open Tongues of the Dead Investigations. Their first case lands literally in front of them when they witness an “apparent” suicide. However the ghost of James Kingly insists he didn’t kill himself. As Alex starts investigating, she discovers some strange facts — like how, before his death, Kingly was missing for three days, none of which he remembers. What he does remember is witnessing the suicide of another man. The trail of suicides is evolving rapidly, and Alex has a very bad feeling about this! (ROC, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith