Could there possibly be a connection between a dead man in New Orleans and a second killing in the small town of Toussaint? That's the question New Orleans homicide detective Guy Gautreaux ponders after the second crime is committed.

But more troubling still: What, if anything, do the dead men have to do with Guy's friend and lover, café owner Jilly Gable? Finding the truth will surely place Jilly in even more danger, but the alternative isn't palatable to Guy, either as a man or as a cop. He'll protect her, no matter what it takes or how much resistance she offers.

An extremely convoluted plot, plus lots of rambling introspection and a heroine who seems determined to get herself killed detract from this novel. However, these flaws are offset by strong sexual tension between Guy and Jilly and some smart dialogue. Cameron's many fans will enjoy this book, but everyone else should probably steer clear. (Nov., 416 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer