Image of Grave New Day


Image of Grave New Day

This third installment in the Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter series requires having read the previous stories to completely understand and enjoy this one. There are some fascinating ideas presented, and a very satisfying ending.

New York City cop, leader of a secret black ops team and closet vampire Jess Vandermire is determined to give John “Britt” Brittain the best funeral money can buy. Britt died saving her, and the loss has Jess rethinking her existence and her job. Because of her brother, Regent, Jess has a partial soul and so, unlike other vampires, a conscience. Though Britt’s body was never found, Jess still buries an empty casket and at the cemetery meets a mysterious man called Zeke who claims to be Britt’s friend. Jess soon discovers that things are far from what they appear. (IMAJINN, Jun., 184 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley