The latest in Alexander's Hideaway series is filled with mystery and intrigue. Readers familiar with the series will appreciate how the author keeps the characters fresh and appealing. Jill has her quirks and problems, which will attract to those who dislike seemingly perfect characters. The medical angle is engaging and adds to the complexity of the suspense plot.

Jill Cooper is struggling to figure out where she fits in. She loves her job as a nurse, but her history of obsessive-compulsive disorder rubs some people the wrong way. When her sister opens a new spa, Jill reluctantly subjects herself to a treatment. Accompanied by her 86-year-old friend Edith, Jill is stunned when Edith collapses, rousing only to mutter some strange phrases to Jill. When Edith stops breathing, Jill performs CPR, but she dies.

The physicians believe it was a heart attack, but Jill isn't sure. She begins to investigate, but someone wants the old events Jill keeps bringing up to remain buried. (STEEPLE HILL, Jan., 368 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel