Grave Secrets is a compelling suspense from debut author Linda Trout. With an opening scene that takes place in a cemetery, the story will grab readers from the very beginning. Sara is a resolute widow and mother, but unfortunately her character feels a bit flat until halfway through the story when things start to pick up. Luckily, Morgan's alpha male personality makes the perfect foil to Sara's gentler nature. Overall, Trout has penned a thrilling first novel filled with gripping dialogue and tension that's sure to have readers on the edge of their seat.

Sara Adams has spent the last six months desperately trying to find her infant daughter who was kidnapped from her crib. Despite coming up cold on each lead, Sara refuses to give up and is determined to move heaven and earth to locate Kaycee. As her husband has recently passed away, Sara is all alone in her search, until she meets private investigator Morgan Daniels.

The moment Morgan lays eyes on the dainty, yet strong-willed widow, he knows he's in trouble. He's supposed to be investigating the death of his friend, and with Sara at the top of his suspect list he can't tell if she's innocent or if she's a great liar. Morgan takes on her missing child case to get answers, but he only ends up with more questions. What is Sara hiding? And was her husband's death really an accident? Only time will tell, but with baby Kaycee still missing, the clock is ticking ... (THE WILD ROSE PRESS, dl., $4.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman