After being struck by lightning as a teen, Harper Connelly developed a most unusual skill--she can find dead bodies and know exactly how they died. Harper can't identify the killer, but she can definitely confirm if foul play was involved.

Harper and stepbrother Tolliver Lang work as consultants, traveling the country to help bring closure to grieving families. Some people welcome them, but others view them with suspicion and anger.

They expect a typical case in the small town of Sarne, but it soon becomes clear that nothing is as it appears. Wealthy widow Sybil Teague asks Harper to look for the body of Teenie Hopkins to prove that her dead son, Dell, did not kill her. What Harper discovers is that more than one murder has taken place, and when Teenie's mother is killed, suddenly the police don't want Harper to leave town.

Leave it to the incredibly talented Harris to come up with another unique, troubled and utterly compelling heroine. The suspense is dark, and the paranormal elements creepy in this highly original tale that launches a new series. Paranormal suspense at its best! (Oct., 272 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith