Chapter two in the unique and challenging life
of body finder Harper Connelly begins with a bang when she unexpectedly uncovers answers to an
old case. The dynamic between Harper and her stepbrother and best friend, Tolliver, is fascinatingly complex. Skillful Harris does an amazing job
laying out this intriguing mystery
while exploring Harper's varying beliefs and skepticisms. When it
comes to serving up the supernatural, Harris is unmatched!

When Harper takes college students through a graveyard, her accuracy in describing the manner of deaths is spot on. And she discovers that one grave has more than one occupant.

Two years ago, Harper tried to find little Tabitha Morgenstern, whose body lies on top of the older corpse. Neither the police, nor Harper and Tolliver, think it's a coincidence that she's the one to find her. The police suspect Harper was involved in the girl's death, while Harper and Tolliver try to uncover the truth in their own fashion. But finding a third body tossed into the now open grave is not going to help their case at all. (BERKLEY prime crime, Oct., 304 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith