Image of Graveminder


Image of Graveminder

The uber-talented Marr takes her mesmerizing storytelling talents into the adult arena. In her atmospheric and eerie tale, readers and protagonists jointly discover the secrets literally buried in this small town as Marr weaves a richly gothic tale filled with curses, responsibility and death. Outstanding!

A decade ago, following the deaths of her sister and stepfather, Rebekkah Barrow left Claysville, her beloved grandmother Maylene and Byron Montgomery, the man both she and her sister loved. To say that Claysville is unique is quite the understatement, and keeping it safe requires a unique partnership between two families. For much of her life, Maylene Barrow has been the town’s Graveminder, tasked with taking care of the dead. Maylene’s partner in this duty is William Montgomery, the Undertaker. When an unexpected evil is let loose and Maylene is killed, Rebekkah returns to Claysville only to learn she has been designated the new Graveminder. To stop a monster, Rebekkah and Byron must accept hereditary roles they never dreamed existed. (MORROW, May, 336 pp., $22.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith