Courtney Kelly is aware that her boss, M. Billingham Bootle, is eccentric, but she doesnt realize he is also crazy. He must be since only an insane individual would make the selection of his successor as president and CEO of Bootle Baby Bower contingent on winning an outlandish scavenger hunt at the companys annual meeting in New Orleans. Each of the CEO contenders is given a different task, and to Courtneys horror, she has to find a man and marry him by the next day.

Swearing dire consequences, Courtney checks out Bourbon Street, looking for any possible contenders. She figures all she really needs to do is show up with a fianci and she will finally be given the promotion she deserves.

After several missteps, Courtney spies a likely candidate in a bar. He is handsome, charming and British, with the outlandish name of Mark Wiggleshaft. Courtney decides she will beat M. Billingham Bootle at his own game. Unfortunately, things dont go quite according to plan.

This offbeat tale alternates between outlandish humor and tender concerns, making this quite the entertainment value. (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith