It is her worst nightmare come true. First Mate Tessa Jardine discovers she will be serving on a luxury ferry liner under Captain Lucas Hall, her former lover and the man she holds responsible for her brothers death.

Two years earlier, while Lucas was still in the Coast Guard, a tanker sank and four men died, including Matt Jardine. During the attempt to save the crew, an explosionthat might have been caused by Lucas opening a rescue hatchrocked the ship. While Lucas was cleared of any wrong-doing, Tessa cant let go of the pain. The embers of their former love, however, still smolder violently.

Wealthy ship owner Dee Stanhope is counting on her newest venture being successful. The Taliesen, a century-old restored steamship, will be unique on Lake Michigan. The extra publicity caused by the medias interest in how Tessa and Lucas will work together given their past is a boon as far as Dee is concerned. However, Dee is not so happy about the threatening letter she receives. Is someone out to destroy Stanhope Shipping, the Taliesen and Lucas Hall?

Two lovers with a trunk-load of emotional baggage between them are the focus of this new romantic suspense tale. Michelle Jerott continues to build a name for herself as a powerful new voice in romantic fiction. (Sep., 384 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith