Image of A Great Kisser


Image of A Great Kisser

Kauffman always combines her hunky heroes with women who are genuine and flawed. However, this title falls short of being her usual winner. The mystery aspect of the plot feels forced, and the supporting characters are not as well rounded as usual. Although it's an entertaining read, this book lacks the depth of plot that readers have come to expect.

Formerly of Capitol Hill, ex-workaholic Lauren has traveled to a small Colorado resort town to meet the man her mother eloped with six months ago. Although her new stepfather continues to make Lauren uncomfortable, his secretary's brother Jake makes her feel right at home in the town -- and in his bed. While Lauren negotiates the difficult channels of blended family relationships, she is bothered by signs that someone wants her gone, possibly on a permanent basis! (BRAVA, Nov., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan