If Polly McMaster didnt have enough to do besides being mayor, postmistress, college student and single mother of four, she sure has enough to do now as the organizer of a charity bachelor auction. But how hard could it be to organize one fundraiser? More difficult than she realizes when the local kid-turned-Hollywood megastar, Sloan Gallagher agrees to be the main attraction.

Sloan Gallagher is reluctant to do the auction until he hears just who is organizing itthe same girl he accidentally saw naked as a teen, fueling both his pubescent and adulthood fantasies. Hearing that she is now a widow, he decides to return home to see if he can get the object of his fantasies out of his system. While she is very resistant to him, he soon finds that this is no longer about fulfilling a childhood dream, but also about finding a home.

Anne McAllisters novel kicks off 2002 with a definite must read in THE GREAT MONTANA COWBOY AUCTION. Her latest keeper is a fast-paced read that absorbs your attention with two dynamic characters, a rich ensemble cast, a compelling premise, wonderful secondary storylines and a delightful love story. (Jan., N/A pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short