Image of The Greatest Love on Earth   [GREATEST LOVE ON EARTH] [Mass Market Paperback]


Image of The Greatest Love on Earth   [GREATEST LOVE ON EARTH] [Mass Market Paperback]

Though not the circus of Jenkins Spangles or even Water for Elephants, Dennis brings the backdrop of a small traveling circus to life in the beginning pages of her tangled romance before veering off into more traditional settings. The many plot changes, backdrop shift and identity switches may be difficult for readers to follow. But with its saga overtones, many will find the story satisfying.

The instant young Brian O’Conner breathes life into newborn Calliope Kelley, daughter of a traveling circus owner, they are bound for life. The circus is in their blood, or so Calliope believes. Then her mother dies in a mysterious accident and her grief-stricken father turns his back on the show. The only person Calliope can count on is Brian, and one night the lovers wed. Calliope keeps the circus running until a fire destroys the outfit and Brian is killed. Saved by a wealthy family she assumes the identity of Mary O’Conner, a respected widow, and is courted by their prodigal son. She is ready to marry again when she discovers Brian is not dead. Each feels betrayed, and Calliope is torn between her passion for Brian, her fiancé and an old circus companion, Jocko the Clown, who now runs a gambling hall. (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin