Image of Greek for Beginners (Harlequin Kiss)


Image of Greek for Beginners (Harlequin Kiss)
GREEK FOR BEGINNERS (3) by Jackie Braun: Calamity-prone journalist wannabe Darcie Hayes cancels her wedding but takes the nonrefundable Greek honeymoon her spendthrift ex-fiancé purchased. Business owner Nick Costas doesn’t think twice about rescuing a damsel in distress at the airport; a diversion from his brother’s upcoming wedding to Nick’s former girlfriend is exactly what he needs. In exchange for his services as a tour guide, Darcie agrees to act as Nick’s girlfriend in front of his matchmaking family. But as their pretend romance turns real, Darcie wonders if she’s trading one emotionally unavailable man for another. Convenient coincidences and a predictable plot plague the story, but charming characters and humor help carry it to a satisfying conclusion.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan