Image of The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife


Image of The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife
After achieving his goals in the business world, Xandro Caramanis wants to settle down and start a family. Since his father's marriages were more about money than love, he opts to treat his own as a business proposition without the complication of emotion. Then he meets Ilana Girard, known in Australian society as the Ice Maiden. After abruptly canceling her wedding two years ago, she hasn't been near a man. When Xandro discovers why, he becomes her protector, and their courtship begins. Helen Bianchin's The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife (4.5) is a superb love story with an unexpected plot twist. It's full of passion and sensuality, both restrained and unrestrained. Xandro is the hero of fantasies, a strong, sensual man who has everything, and Ilana is more than his equal.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers