Image of The Greek's Forced Bride


Image of The Greek's Forced Bride

THE GREEK'S FORCED BRIDE (2) by Michelle Reid It isn't a good day for Natasha Moyles. First, she finds her sister and fiance in a compromising position -- and his brother, businessman Leo Christakis, is also a witness. Then Leo threatens to turn her into Fraud Squad for stealing $2 million from him. Natasha realizes she's been set up by her now ex-fiance and tells Leo it will take six weeks to return his money. In the meantime, he offers Natasha the option of becoming his mistress. When he gets his money their business will be concluded. Or will it? The often-used blackmail plot doesn't offer anything new here. The hero runs too hot and cold, and when the heroine asks him, "Do you find it totally impossible to say anything nice to me?" the reader may wonder the same thing.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers