Demetrius Mantheakis is an international security expert who faces his most important job to date—keeping The Greek's Royal Mistress (3), Princess Chantal Thibaudet, safe from attempts on her life. Chantal has been beaten down by her in-laws and her duty, and for the first time she sees what it could be like to have a normal life with a man who adores her. But because of an airtight prenuptial agreement, to have Demetrius and their unborn child, she'd have to sacrifice custody of her 4-year-old daughter. Jane Porter's latest in The Princess Brides trilogy deals with a lot of dark, emotional issues. Chantal is an emotionally and physically battered woman who not only has to heal but must also find the strength to fight for her future and that of her children. Demetrius is a man haunted by the past, and he needs to get over some traumatic events in order to find his happily ever after.
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short