Image of The Greek's Tiny Miracle (Harlequin Romance)


Image of The Greek's Tiny Miracle (Harlequin Romance)
THE GREEK’S TINY MIRACLE (3) by Rebecca Winters: Captain Nikos Vassalos is suffering from PTSD and a back injury after years of serving in the Greek military as a SEAL. His only getaway from memories past is keeping to himself on his yacht. But when pregnant Stephanie Marsh interrupts his seclusion, everything changes. Nikos isn’t the man she was hoping the father of her unborn child would be, but she thinks it’s best for the baby to at least know who his daddy is. The tiny miracle could break Nikos’ hard shell and soften Stephanie’s heart once and for all. Readers may have to dig deep to reveal the true connection between the hero and heroine, but the beautifully described sea and landscapes in this bittersweet story are a great distraction.
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi