Nikos Vassilis is offered the chance of a lifetime: to merge his company with the legendary Coustakis Industries. All he has to do is marry the old man's granddaughter, Andrea. Andrea is pissed when she receives repeated summonses to Greece, since her grandfather has long denied her existence. She goes there determined to get only enough money to pay off some medical expenses. When she finds out about the arranged marriage, she makes a deal of her own. Once Andrea and Nikos are married, she discovers leaving him will be a lot harder than she had planned, both logistically and emotionally. THE GREEK'S VIRGIN BRIDE (4) by Julia James is a very engaging read. The story is not only very sensuous, it offers a lot of emotional depth. Andrea and Nikos find a love that is powerful enough to bind them together for the future as well as strong enough to heal the past.
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short