Image of Green-Eyed Lady: A Mystery


Image of Green-Eyed Lady: A Mystery

MacTaggart enters a world of sleazy politics in Greaves’ sophomore mystery. There’s a murder with a multitude of suspects, and the guilty party will surprise the reader. Once again Greaves’ knowledge of the courtroom shines, and his grab bag of characters is varied and appealing.

U.S. senatorial candidate Warren Burkett is on the fast track to winning. But things go downhill fast when he helps a mysterious, green-eyed beauty break in to her home. He’s caught in a compromising position, a valuable painting is missing and there’s no woman in sight. He implores Jack MacTaggart to get him out of this situation just days before the election. Jack suspects Burkett’s rival might have a hand in this. But the investigation leads them in unexpected directions. Jack uses his tricks of the trade to help Burkett, who suddenly drops him from representation. (MINOTAUR, Jul., 288 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown