When Lisa MacDougall's uncle dies, she inherits the key to mystical powers she never knew she possessed, as well as a legacy to protect a mysterious treasure hidden on her family's ancestral land. DEA agent Marco Santiago first suspects that Lisa is conspiring with drug runners, but then discovers that her powers are the complement of his own. Together they must discover the secrets of the MacDougall treasure and identify the men who threaten her.

Monette Michaels establishes a variety of threats against Lisa, but then diffuses any page-turning suspense by giving Lisa great magical power and reassuring psychic guidance from beyond the grave. While the story has the potential to be interesting, tautness and character complexity are missing. Also, because Michaels never explains the rules, history or origin of the magic in Lisa's world, readers never know how powerful, dangerous or tricky it is. (Jun., 220 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kay Mayo