It's bad enough that Stacy Kavanaugh's soon-to-be-ex-husband, Daniel, left her for an exotic dancer named Pammy, but now he's been haggling for months over their final property settlement. Stacy just wants to move on, but suddenly Daniel dies in a plane crash, and his body goes missing. Then his memorial service turns into an embarrassing disaster. Can things get worse? Of course they can in this fast-paced, surprisingly funny mystery. One murder, several break-ins, a missing computer disk and a mysterious fire later, Stacy is still in the thick of trouble. Even her love life is problematic: She's torn between quietly attractive deputy Roy Sieler and dangerously handsome Michael Paredes, both of whom are looking into the mystery. Nonstop action, adventure and humor turn Grin and Bear It (4.5) by Leslie LaFoy into an unputdownable tale. Stacy is an inspiring heroine who refuses to give up, no matter what happens next.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor