Since her group is at the top of the music charts, Lorelei should be happy. But there has to be more to life than applause. Love would be nice, but the men in her life aren't delivering what she desires. If only she could find true romance.

Then an ancient viking bracelet leads her to a viking stud, and she's swept back in time to be auctioned off as a slave. Her hunky rescuer thinks she's crazy, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying his lovemaking.

Erik is a no-nonsense type of guy, but the lovely siren touches his warrior soul. He takes her home but wonders if he's making a mistake when his beautiful slave spouts that she's from the future.

This is a highly entertaining story with a heroine who has guts and a hero led by more than his lust. Erik and Lorelei spark heat when they spar verbally and set the bed on fire when they take their sexual appetites to the bedchamber. Although it's labeled as having some BDSM elements, this book is more than an erotic bedtime story -- it's an entrancing tale of romantic love, with sensual scenes and characters that will live in readers' minds for a long time. (May, 224 pp., $12.00)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith