Image of The Groom Came Back


Image of The Groom Came Back

THE GROOM CAME BACK (4) by Abby Gaines When Callie Summers sees the man she married eight years earlier to avoid having to live with her grandparents after her mother's death, she recognizes him immediately. But Callie has changed so much in the years since that neurosurgeon Jack Mitchell doesn't have a clue who she is when he buys flowers from her shop. Only in town to visit his parents, Jack at first won't listen to Callie's insistence that his mother is still troubled by his sister's death. But he soon realizes he may have more reason to stay in the States than he thinks. Gaines realistically shows readers how tough it can be to overcome loss. The extended grief of Jack's mother is very convincing, as is Callie's and Jack's attraction.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay