Image of Groom Wanted (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of Groom Wanted (Love Inspired Historical)
GROOM WANTED (4) by Debra Ullrick: Leah Bowen is determined to marry a city man, blaming the fact that her father became a rancher for his death. So when her friend, Jake Lure, mentions placing an ad for a wife, Leah decides to do the same for a husband — one that will take her away from Idaho and back to New York. Leah hopes to keep her plans private, so when Jake discovers them, she agrees to help him pick a wife if he’ll keep her secret. When Leah reluctantly settles on an applicant, she starts to realize that the ideal groom might just be Jake. Ullrick skillfully uses her heroine’s dilemma to prove the power of moving on from the past in this delightful story.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley