NASCAR racing's golden boy Lance Cooper has lost his mojo and is written off as a has-been. He wants to make a comeback, but the magic is gone.

Then Sarah Tingle comes crashing into his life. Her life has taken a turn for the worse -- she's lost her job, boyfriend and dignity. She's attempting to make a fresh start when she gets hit by a car. The driver? Her sexy new boss.

Lance finds himself immediately drawn to Sarah, who is completely clueless about the racing world. She simplifies his stress, helps him rediscover the passion that first put him behind the wheel and also proves to be an amazing good-luck charm. With Sarah's help, Lance speeds back to the winner's circle. But can he swerve past her defenses and drive away with her heart?

Britton's In the Groove is the impressive debut title for the collaboration between Harlequin and NASCAR. She has created an incredibly appealing hero in Lance, who is a charismatic charmer. The author also beautifully captures the palpable excitement and chaos of the track. NASCAR fan or not, let In the Groove drive you to distraction. (Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Clark