Determined to thwart his destiny, Lord Niall Trevallyan sneers at the ancient Celtic prophecy that as Lord of Lir he must marry the woman chosen for him by a magical cross-especially when Niall learns that his bride is a newborn. He rebels, refusing to follow the geis and bringing tragedy upon himself and Lir.

As the years pass, the infant, Ravenna, grows into an inquisitive child and a stunning woman who comes to Lir and enters Niall's life. Injured in a carriage accident, Ravenna is brought to the castle and though each might fight the power of the old cross, they cannot resist the sensual pull for one another.

Ravenna is trapped by her childhood infatuation with an Irish rebel, her growing love for Niall, her duty to Lir and her own passion for writing wondrous fables. As all the pieces of her life converge in one night of near disaster-a night when Niall agrees to make the ultimate sacrifice to win Ravenna's love and save the very ground she walks upon-Ravenna learns the true lesson of the gies.

THE GROUND SHE WALKS UPON is the ideal read for anyone who craves an inventive, passionate and romantic tale with a touch of legendary magic and darkness. Like the Irish soil where Ravenna and Niall walk, this tale is ripe with ancient superstitions, drama, deep emotion and an unforgettable love story. Ms. McKinney reaches new heights with this glorious, unique tale. SENSUAL (Reissue, April, 384 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin