Image of The Grove (Guardians of Destiny)


Image of The Grove (Guardians of Destiny)

In an unusual twist, the hero in Johnson’s latest Guardians of Destiny novel is actually two men in one. As a Darkhana Witch-Priest, Aradin-Teral is both a human man and the ghostly soul of a deceased Witch. Familiar characters from prior adventures make appearances, giving this tale an extra entertaining kick!

Witch-Priest Aradin-Teral has been sent on a mission to locate the best representatives of various deities for the upcoming Convocation of the Gods and Man. For the god and goddess Kata and Jingo, Aradin-Teral is directed to the Guardian of the Grove: Saleria. When he arrives, Aradin-Teral discovers that the Grove is now a dangerous place where warped magic is mutating both plants and animals. For Saleria, trying to keep the mutations from escaping the confines of the Grove is an unending task, so she has no time for traveling to the Convocation. However Aradin’s specialty is horticulture and for the first time since the magic warped centuries ago, there may be hope of change. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Dec., 416 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith