Image of Guarded Heart (The Masters At Arms)


Image of Guarded Heart (The Masters At Arms)

Blake adds another memorable book to her Maitres d'Armes series. With dialogue filled with subtle nuances and a fine overview of the art of fencing and duels, she brings together a noble, honorable hero and a heroine bent on revenge in a compassionate, sensual
and emotionally intense love story.

Madame Ariadne Faucher asks sword master Gavin Blackford for lessons in the art of the duel so she can kill a man. Against his better judgment, he takes her on as a client. Ariadne's opinion of Gavin changes as the lessons continue. With his code of honor, quick mind and natural grace with a sword, he tutors her expertly, turning her into a worthy opponent.

The sexual tension between them sparks as they spar on the fencing strip and in bed, but Ariadne won't reveal her enemy's name, even though Gavin tries to sway her from her vow of revenge. Who will win in this duel of heart and sword? (MIRA, Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond