Stephen Grandville returns to Weston Hall, his boyhood home and now home to his brother's widow, Annabelle, after five years banishment.

Now a mother, Annabelle remembers her childhood and her affair as a young adult with Stephen before he was accused of smuggling and exiled to Jamaica. After her marriage to his brother Gerald and Gerald's death, it seems as if they've come full circle. Stephen and Annabelle are soon enmeshed in deceit, attempted murder and secrets-the biggest secret being the one Annabelle holds.

Ms. Wolf writes a spellbinding tale of a couple thrown together and protective of one another since childhood as their love grows to an all-encompassing passion, a love that overcomes all adversity. Though Regency afficionados may find fault with the idea of Stephen marrying his brother's widow, since it was against the law, it is this reviewer's understanding that the law was not always followed and in Ms. Wolf's competent hands the story is a luscious treat. SENSUAL (May, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond