Image of Guardian


Image of Guardian
GUARDIAN (4) by Lindsay McKenna: Former Templar knight and monk Nicholas de Beaufort, a warrior for the Taqe (forces of light) agrees to go back into a body to protect Mary Anderson from the evil Dark Lord of the Tupay (forces of dark), Victor Carancho Guerra, while she travels to Scotland. Mary and Nicholas must retrieve the last two emerald spheres, so the emerald key necklace can be restrung to help usher in a time of peace. Helped by her deceased grandfather — one of Victor’s own warriors — Mary and Nicholas bring the emeralds back to the side of the light. McKenna does a good job of concluding the first part of the Taqe storyline. Like the stories before it, it seamlessly combines action and myth. The arrival of an alien race to help Earth sets up the next part of the story perfectly.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay