Image of The Guardian


Image of The Guardian
THE GUARDIAN (4) by Connie Hall: Police officer Fala Rainwater is destined to be her tribe’s next guardian, who can shapeshift into bear form and fight the evil Tumseneha. But she must marry Akanda Chasing Deer, a man her sister loves, or he will die because he’s been chosen as her mate. When the Tumseneha kills a local woman, Fala must rely on special agent Stephen Winter, a warlock, to help her defeat him. Unfortunately, Stephen’s loyalties are torn between his attraction to Fala and his ties to Tumseneha, who is holding his brothers captive to ensure his help in killing Fala. Hall integrates Native American mythology smoothly with a paranormal love story. Stephen is likable for all his faults and his collusion with evil, and Fala’s strength and goodness make her sympathetic without coming across as too nice.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay