Image of The Guardian's Forbidden Mistress


Image of The Guardian's Forbidden Mistress
Nick Coleman has been Sarah's guardian since she was 16. Now turning 25, she's about to receive her inheritance, and Nick won't have any say in her life, especially about her boyfriends. Sarah has secretly been in love with Nick for some time, but he's so busy with his rotating model girlfriends that he's never noticed -- or so she believes. Sarah couldn't be more different than Nick's girlfriends, but she decides to make one last attempt to attract him. Nick has always maintained he's not interested in a relationship, but Sarah and Nick are about to be surprised -- and it all starts with a kiss. While the romance doesn't set off any real sparks, Miranda Lee's story has a nice emotional resonance. The Guardian's Forbidden Mistress (3) leads readers on an adventure to finding unexpected love.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers