Image of Guarding the Princess


Image of Guarding the Princess
GUARDING THE PRINCESS (4) by Loreth Anne White: Princess Dalilah Al Arif has a bounty on her head and Brandt Stryker is sent in to rescue her as a favor to her brother. Rescuing Dalilah brings up memories of another time when another woman Brandt loved died under his protection. As they run from the men out to get her, Brandt’s admiration and attraction for Dalilah grows. Dalilah feels the same about Brandt though she knows pursuing those feelings can put her life in danger from the fiancé she is engaged to. It’s not long before their hearts override their common sense. Edge-of-your-seat action and strong characters make this book a must-read. Add to that White’s lyrical storytelling and a tension that runs throughout the story and the result is a definite page-turner.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates