The first entry in the Serve and Protect series packs a lot of romance as Quigg slowly gains Suzannah’s trust, and the suspense offers a bit of a twist in this exciting tale. It’s a pleasure watching the protagonists grow as a couple.

Suzannah Phelps is a criminal defense attorney with a reputation for getting the bad guys off scot-free. She’s earned the nicknames “The Ice Princess” and “She-Rex” for her demeanor, both in the courtroom and out. Detective John Quigley is just one of the victims of her decisive attacks, but he’s admired her from afar for more than two years. When he witnesses the results of a stalker’s attempt to terrify Suzannah, Quigg appoints himself her bodyguard. She resists all offers of his assistance until the stalker’s aggression escalates, and then the couple moves in together. Their sexual attraction grows to a fever pitch, but Quigg realizes he must approach the relationship sensitively. Will their new bond stand up to the pressures of their lives on opposite sides of the courtroom when the criminal is finally caught? (NORAHWILSONWRITES.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown