Since taking in little Jamie, Bethany Cavell now has another name, "Auntie Mommy." She's hoping that she can make this Christmas a special one for Jamie—and to at least get him what he wants. But in his letter to Santa, he doesn't ask for a computer game or toy. Jamie makes two impossible requests: a daddy and a white Christmas. The most Bethany can do is try to fulfill his wish for snow and she books a cabin outside Calgary, Canada. Arriving in Calgary, she doesn't expect to be met by a six-foot-two rugged cowboy. Riley Keenan dreads Christmas. The horror of a Christmas Eve fire left scars not only on his body, but also on his heart. But Santa can work miracles in the hardest of hearts in Cara Colter's GUESS WHO'S COMING FOR CHRISTMAS (4.5). You will not want to miss the absolute best that this month's Silhouette Romance offers. This sweet, gentle tale is one you'll read again and again.
Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer