Image of The Guild (Guardians of Destiny)


Image of The Guild (Guardians of Destiny)

Not all Patron Deities are worthy of worship, as the mages of Mekhana can attest. For centuries, mages have hidden their powers to avoid them being siphoned by their god. The well-crafted characters in the Guardians of Destiny universe find themselves at the mercy of greater forces, moved like chess pieces as the fast-paced events take on added urgency. Per usual, Johnson dishes up her patented blend of compelling drama, thrilling adventure and sizzling romance.

Evil mage Torven Shel Von escaped justice once, but is currently being held by Priests of Mekha who want to sacrifice him to their hungry god. As fate would have it, the god Mekha vanishes, leaving the Priests with a new dilemma: They need a new Patron Deity quickly and Torven offers to help them summon a powerful demon. Rexei has hidden both her powers and her gender from the Priests as she pretends to be a dimwit. When she overhears their plot, she knows she will need help to stop them. Alonnen is a powerful mage who successfully hid from Mekha, but now knows he must reveal his guardianship. Can Rexei and Alonnen work together to save Mekhana? (BERKLEY SENSATION, May, 400 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith