A bad decision she made as a teenager threatens to destroy the life and career
of Robards' newest heroine. Starting off with a violent bang, this thriller wastes no time setting the stage for a cat-and-mouse game. Robards keeps the pressure on her heroine, who may be forced down a dark and treacherous path. This one's intense to the max!

At 15, foster kid Kate White was outside a convenience store when her friends robbed it and killed a man. Sixteen years later, Kate's a single mom and a Philadelphia prosecutor. During a court appearance, a prisoner gets a gun and starts massacring people. Kate is taken hostage and saved by another prisoner, her old friend Mario Castellanos, who demands her help -- or else he'll reveal her past.

Homicide detective Tom Braga notices that a few details about Kate's statement don't add up. Boxed in and fearing for her son Ben, Kate doesn't know where to turn. That she finds Tom attractive, despite his persistence, makes lying to him all the more difficult. Is there any way out? (PUTNAM, Apr., 416 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith