Someone has been selling Russian-made 9A-91 assault rifles on the street, and ATF special agent Rosie Malone goes undercover to find out who. Her suspect, Gus Friel, works for the Silver Swan Casino in Las Vegas, until he turns up dead, forcing Rosie to put her dancing talents to work as one of the showgirls.

Her case heats up when two parties crash her secluded meeting with a possible informant. The first tries to run them down. The second, a handsome bystander, tries to pull her out of harm's way. Suspicious of his timing, Rosie is even more disconcerted to learn that her savior is the new headlining stri-pper known as Mack, aka The Saint. Dedicated and conservative ATF agents are not supposed to get hot under the collar about gorgeous men who take their clothes off, but there is something about Mack that sets Rosie off. Time is of the essence in trying to locate the cache of missing guns, and Rosie quickly realizes that there is more to Mack than meets the eye.

Hidden agendas and undercover missions make this tale of romance and suspense fun and inviting. Lane excels at creating unique and memorable characters whose lives are lived slightly off-center. (Apr., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith