Single mother and children's TV hostess Polly Crow finally has her life on track. As a teenager, Polly got caught up in the wrong crowd and the wrong man. Her unexpected pregnancy pulled her back from the edge. Now seven-year-old Bobby is the joy of Polly's life and her reason for living.

Ex-Navy Seal turned dive shop owner Nasty Ferrito has been watching Polly for a while now. Polly is nothing like the women Nasty usually desires, but he finds himself utterly fascinated by her. He even watches her syndicated children's show "Polly's Place." For weeks they have been observing each other; he from his Zodiac on the water, and she during her nightly shoreline walks.

Nasty finally introduces himself, only to discover that Polly is seriously afraid. Someone has been stalking and threatening her. Nasty's fascination with Polly has quickly deepened into something much more. He will do whatever is necessary to protect Polly and Bobby. Bobby's biological father's reappearance complicates matters further. Nasty calls for reinforcements when her stalker attempts murder. But is Polly the real target or is the danger coming from Nasty's past?

There are few authors who can produce consistently exceptional, thrilling and breathtakingly sensual novels. Stella Cameron is a ranking member of that select group. (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith