Image of Guilty Pleasures (Pleasures Series)


Image of Guilty Pleasures (Pleasures Series)

Small brings back the Channel, where with a simple remote a woman can enter a fantasy world of her choosing. It’s a successful combination with steamy sex, great personalities and exciting plots.

“Carla and the Pirate King” vie for control of the high seas, or at least the bedroom while in the Channel. In “Nina and the Movie Star,” Nina meets an idol in the autumn of his years, then visits him in the Channel when he was young. Fiction becomes fact in “Nanny Maureen and the Celtic Warrior” when reincarnation becomes a factor. “J.P. and the Regency Rake” meet in the Channel but are able to exist in J.P.’s world. “Tiffy and the Sultan” turn into a foursome in the Channel, which threatens to ruin her life in the real world. In fact, one night she doesn’t return from her visit. (NAL, Aug., 304 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown