Author Tami Hoag continues her hot streak with this anxiously awaited sequel to her best-selling novel Night Sins. GUILTY AS SIN is another tour de force by an author who is fast becoming one of the suspense genre's treasures. Be sure to grab your copy.

The Minnesota town of Deer Lake has been ripped apart by fear and suspicion. A prominent citizen has been arrested for the kidnapping of young Josh Kirkwood and the savage assault on BCA Field Agent Megan O'Malley. It will be up to ambitious prosecutor Ellen North to prove the suspect's culpability.

Problems in her case surface almost immediately. Young Josh is mysteriously released unharmed, but can't or won't identify his kidnappers. The defendant's first attorney commits suicide, and high-powered legal defense fun Anthony Costello is brought in. As one of Tony's ex-lovers, Ellen knows exactly what depths Tony is capable of sinking to. To add to her burden, her boss has decided to allow best-selling true crime author Jay Butler Brooks full access to the prosecution during the trial. Their mutual attraction is both powerful and unwelcome.

Public opinion in the town is split, and when a second boy is kidnapped, the waters are muddied even more. Ellen knows that an insidious evil is stalking her. If she can't prove her case beyond a shadow of a doubt, a very dangerous man could walk free. (March., 472 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith